Since 2006, state water restrictions have been steadily imposed in various phases. They have been as strict as one day per week, but at least as strict as two days per week for over two years. Before these restrictions began, commercial and community (HOA) properties with large, overextended irrigation systems would irrigate four to seven days per week, depending on weather conditions.  

Right now, the restrictions for even numbered properties also apply to commercial and community (HOA) properties. They allow watering on Thursdays and Sundays only, from midnight to 10 am and from 4 pm to 11:59 pm. These new restrictions effectively cut the watering time allowed for community (HOA) properties to half of what had been allowed last year.

While community irrigation systems were designed to provide adequate irrigation under optimal conditions, they will struggle to keep the lawns in good health and color under these new skimpy restrictions without adequate supplemental rainfall and regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Although the supplemental rains are adequate for now, sooner or later they will slow down or worse yet, we will experience a dry spell. This is why it is imperative that we utilize every minute of the severely restricted watering time allowed by the state.

Unfortunately, in some areas of your communities, the watering schedule is inconvenient and a nuisance, because the sprinklers will be on while residents are leaving or arriving from work or engaging in other outdoor activities. Until the state restores more reasonable water restrictions to communities with over extended irrigation systems, it is our responsibility to take full advantage of what is allowed unless we are ordered not to do so.

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