Broken sprinkler? We’re here to help. On this page, we’ll discuss the sprinkler and irrigation services we offer in Palm Beach. As well, we’ll explain why so many people have chosen to work with us since 1973.

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What Services Do We Offer in Palm Beach?

We offer our services to commercial and residential properties across South Florida and the Treasure Coast. We’ve worked extensively with HOAs, condo associations, homeowners, and more.

While sprinkler and irrigation repair is our bread and butter, it’s far from the only service we offer. We’ve installed irrigation systems for all kinds of clients, as well as helping them plant or prune foliage.

We always encourage people to sign up for our Lucky Sprinkler™ program. When you do, you never have to worry about paying for sprinkler repair again. We offer monthly and bi-monthly maintenance plans.

If you’re having difficulty with pests, we also offer pest control. Ultimately, our goal is to be your go-to for many of the issues that might plague your landscape. We’re happy when you’re happy with how your property looks.

Why Choose O’Hara Sprinkler for Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Needs?

What’s the secret to our success? It’s simple, really. We treat each job like it matters because it does.

It matters because your landscape has such a profound impact on the way people view your property. It’s also important because we take our reputation seriously and want to ensure that we’re bringing our A-Game to every project we do.

This is why we offer the following:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Highly skilled technicians
  • 6-month warranties
  • Fast service (including same-day repairs!)

Looking for Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair in Palm Beach?

Our company was founded to help people just like you. As you can imagine, 49 years has given us a lot of time to develop expertise. To this day, we’re not tired of the work because we enjoy meeting people and ensuring their landscape is well-maintained.

Whether you’re ready to work with us or you have additional questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us via our contact page.


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