Having trouble with your irrigation system? It’s time to call a licensed professional.

If it’s a mild issue, your system might waste water. But bigger problems can lead to dead greenery or even mild flooding. This isn’t the sort of repair you should leave to your landscaping company, either. Let’s discuss the importance of working with a licensed irrigation technician.

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Why Choose O’Hara Sprinkler?

When you work with O’Hara, you’re working with a company that has nearly 50 years of experience with sprinklers and other irrigation systems. We offer the following promises to all our clients:

  • Our technicians are highly-trained, and they come to every job with hundreds of parts because we want to ensure they can fix the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Once our technician has finished the job, they perform a complete final inspection. We’re not looking for quick fixes; we’re looking to make sure your system is fully operational.
  • We offer six-month warranties on our services.

Can My Landscaping Company Repair My Irrigation System?

Some property owners choose to have their landscaping company fix their irrigation system. In the short term, this seems convenient since they’ll already be on-site. However, it can lead to mistakes that become costly down the line.

In order to receive an irrigation contractor license in Florida, technicians need to pass an exam and go through several years of training.

There are also hundreds of potential parts and tools that an irrigation technician could need. Your landscaper is unlikely to have the necessary resources, which means the quick fix they perform in the moment could lead to costly problems in the future.

At the same time, we understand that many property owners want the convenience of working with the same company for their irrigation, pest control, and landscaping needs. That’s why we’re proud of the two other divisions of our company: O’Hara Pest Control and O’Hara Landscaping.

Looking for Irrigation Systems Repair in South Florida and the Treasure Coast?

O’Hara Sprinkler is the contracting company you need. We’ve been servicing irrigation systems since 1973, inspecting them, maintaining them, and repairing them when necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us whether you have additional questions about our services or you’d like to schedule an inspection. We’re committed to helping property owners keep their greenery watered.


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