West Palm Beach Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair

Since 1973, O’Hara Sprinkler Repair has proudly offered sprinkler and irrigation services in West Palm Beach, Florida. Over that time, we’ve worked with a broad range of clients, developing both residential and commercial expertise.

This experience gives us insight into the most common questions clients have. We’ll answer some of those questions below.

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Why Is Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair Important?

Nothing stays perfect forever. Once you have a sprinkler and irrigation system with which you’re happy, we recommend getting a monthly maintenance plan from your local sprinkler company to ensure that your system is always operating at peak efficiency.

Faulty sprinklers can waste water, which is harmful both to your budget and the environment. If your system breaks and you don’t get it fixed, you’ll likely end up spending more money in the long run.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer:

  • Same-day sprinkler and irrigation repair
  • Sprinkler replacement
  • Sprinkler system installation
  • Landscape installation
  • Monthly maintenance agreements
  • Bimonthly maintenance agreements

If you’re unsure which maintenance agreement is right for your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to discuss which contract best suits your needs.

Do You Provide Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Repair?

O’Hara Sprinkler has extensive expertise with both residential and commercial clients. Our clients have included:

  • Homeowners
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Condo Associations
  • Property Management Companies

Whatever sprinkler/irrigation problem you’re having, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve already seen it, and we already know how to solve it.

The O’Hara Sprinkler Process

Once you contact us, our technicians will come to your property to assess your system. This allows us to provide you with a proper quote. Once our quote is accepted, we can make the necessary repairs.

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Looking for Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair in West Palm Beach?

Over 40 years, O’Hara Sprinkler has developed a reputation for our high-quality sprinkler and irrigation repair services. Our confidence allows us to offer a full six-month warranty on everything we offer. We’re fully licensed and insured, both in South Florida and the Treasure Coast.

Whether you have more questions or you’re ready to book a consultation, please reach out to us today.


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