Is your sprinkler broken? Whether it’s not placed deep enough into the ground, or a landscaper accidentally hits it while digging a hole, there are all kinds of reasons for a sprinkler to malfunction.

Luckily, we’re here to help. O’Hara Sprinkler has provided repair services since 1973. Let’s discuss why so many people choose our company and explain some of the things you can do to protect your sprinklers in the future.

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O’Hara Sprinkler Repair Services

If your sprinkler is broken, call O’Hara. We’re the sprinkler repair company of choice in South Florida and the Treasure Coast because:

  • We offer same-day repairs of broken sprinklers.
  • We provide six-month warranties on all our products and services.
  • We train each one of our technicians to ensure you’re getting exemplary service.

The fact that we’re a family-owned business is important because every time we send a technician out there, we know that we’re putting our name on the line.

To maintain our good reputation, we provide high-quality services, regardless of the size of the project. We provide these services to HOAs, condo associations, homeowners, businesses, and more.

Why Sprinklers Break

While a maintenance plan helps prevent wear and tear, there are still all kinds of accidents that can happen. Luckily, the fact that we’re in Florida means that we don’t have to worry about the cold, which often freezes sprinklers, leading them to break.

Still, landscape work is a common cause of broken sprinklers. If you want to avoid this, we recommend choosing the same company for your sprinkler, landscape, and pest needs.

This is more convenient since you don’t have to coordinate between various contractors, but it also ensures that you choose a company with a more holistic understanding of your property.

We Can Fix Your Broken Sprinkler in South Florida or the Treasure Coast

If you’re looking for sprinkler repair, we’re the company for you. O’Hara Sprinkler has been helping HOAs, condo associations, homeowners, and business owners get their sprinklers fixed since 1973. We have decades of experience with a broad variety of irrigation systems.

Have any questions? Ready to get a free quote on your sprinkler repair? You can find our contact information here.


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