What's the source of the water coming from your sprinklers? There can be several different answers to that question. The ideal water source will vary depending on your location, as well as how large your sprinkler system is.

Sprinkler pumps allow you to avoid relying on your utility’s water supply, which comes with many advantages. Let’s discuss whether you should have a sprinkler pump, and how O’Hara Sprinkler can help if yours breaks.

Should You Use a Sprinkler Pump?

Often, it’s more convenient to tap into your building's water supply than it is to use a sprinkler pump. However, pumps are more cost-effective. They come with the advantage that you’re not as reliant on your utility company, which can change your rates depending on the local water supply.

Please note that the South Florida Water Management District’s restrictions apply whether you’re using a pump or you’re connected to your utility’s water line.

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Why Choose O’Hara Sprinkler for Pump Repair?

When you work with O’Hara Sprinkler, you’re choosing a company backed by nearly five decades of experience. We train all our technicians in everything that can possibly come up during a call, including:

  • Sprinkler System Design
  • Water Pressure
  • Precipitation Rates
  • Hydraulics

This ensures they know exactly what they need, regardless of the issue with your irrigation system. Along with this training, we equip them with all the parts and equipment they’ll need on the job. This is why we can offer same-day repair services.

Sprinkler pumps are just one of the many things we can fix as part of the sprinkler repair service.

Looking for Sprinkler Pump Repair in South Florida and the Treasure Coast?

O’Hara Sprinkler has you covered. We’re a family-owned business that’s been operating in this area since 1973. We’ve seen a variety of different setups, and we’re prepared to work with any brand of sprinkler you’ve chosen.

Please reach out to us, whether you have more questions you’d like to ask about our sprinkler repair services, or you want to call us to have a technician come out and inspect your sprinkler system. You can find our contact information here.


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