Good lawn aeration in West Palm Beach strengthens the root system of your grass, making it possible for them to quickly absorb water during heavy rains. It will also lessen muddy spots and flooding in your yard. Without good aeration, your lawn will look dull and unhealthy throughout the season.

Lawn Aeration in West Palm Beach

Why is Lawn Aeration Necessary?

Less Compact Soil

As time goes by, the soil underneath your grass will compact, especially when your lawn is always the go-to place for outdoor activities. According to a lawn expert, time and trampling decrease the pore space between the soil and other particles. Moreso, lawns with compacted soil will create a hard time for your grassroots to receive enough air, nutrients, and water.  

An example of soil that is susceptible to compaction is clay soil. Thus, if you happen to have clay soil in your lawn, it’s essential that you get your lawn aerated from time to time so your grass can have enough nutrients for them to grow green, dark, and healthy.  

Relieves Pressure

Aside from lessening soil compaction, aerating your lawn also relieves pressure and promotes root growth. With this, the nutrients and water can fill your root zone so you can achieve a happy and healthy lawn.

Other Benefits  

Lawn aeration goes beyond giving your soil enough water and nutrients. It prevents weeds from your lawn because healthy lawns will remove the weeds naturally. Also, aerating your lawn improves nutrient and water flow through your soil and smoothens out rough lawns. It also prevents the accumulation of thatch while stimulating grass growth and invigorating its roots.

Lawn Aeration in West Palm Beach

Lawn Aeration in West Palm Beach

Aerating your lawn will only be beneficial if you know how to choose a reliable and decent landscaping company that employs cost-effective equipment and efficient personnel to deal with your lawn. Professionals of landscape companies know how to improve your lawn’s value, safety, and beauty - you just have to know which company prioritizes your lawn above all things.  

At O'Hara Landscape, we always make sure that our client’s interest is the top priority. Contact our staff today if you want to get your lawn aerated or if you need other landscaping or lawn care services.

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