Choosing the ideal sprinkler system for your lawn's needs can save time, minimize water waste, and achieve the lush backyard of your dreams. Don't worry about breaking your unit since there you can turn to sprinkler repair in Boynton Beach. We'll give you the lowdown on the most popular home irrigation systems and each system's benefits and drawbacks to help you make the best decision.  

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Above-Ground Versus Underground Sprinklers  

Why Install a Sprinkler System?    

Using a sprinkler system instead of a hose to water your plants is much more environmentally friendly. It can be scheduled to operate at the ideal time of day and offers more uniform coverage. Some systems include a rain sensor and a seasonal adjustment program to determine how much water is necessary to grow a healthy lawn.  

Above-Ground Sprinklers  


  • They are easily movable, so your watering plan doesn't have to be rigid.  
  • You can easily install this yourself.  


  • Every time you water, you must either remove and store the hose or deal with a garden hose that may be unsightly running through your lawn.  
  • Utilizing tubing will lessen this, but you will still be able to see some hardware.  


The only expenses are the sprinkler heads and possibly a garden hose or Poly tubing. Depending on the head type, you will spend between $3 and $18 per unit.  

In-Ground Sprinklers  


  • They are especially beneficial for pets and children because there is a significantly reduced risk of accidentally tripping over a sprinkler head and getting hurt.  
  • Additionally, you are spared the hassle of storing a hose after watering.  


  • They cost a lot to install.  
  • They are challenging to take out.  
  • That doesn't mean they aren't worthwhile; make sure you intend to stay long enough to get a good return on your investment.  


In-ground sprinklers installed by professionals range in price depending on the space that needs to be covered. These might be your best option if your property has a lot of corners, hardscaping, or areas with different water requirements (like a lawn and a vegetable garden).  

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Are You Looking for Sprinkler Repair in Boynton Beach?  

At O'Hara Sprinkler, we can help you manage, install, and repair your sprinkler system. Give us a call to learn more about the services we offer!

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