Most homeowners neglect the importance of their sprinklers even though they are the primary reason why the grass stays in good condition. With broken or damaged sprinklers, you will soon be required to hire the service of a company specializing in irrigation system repair in West Palm Beach.  

If your sprinklers blast out water every time you turn them on, your lawn will be flooded with water, and your grass will die. Below are common sprinkler problems and solutions to help you avoid irrigation system problems.

Irrigation System Repair in West Palm Beach

Sprinkler Problems Often Experienced by Homeowners

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

This is one of the most common sprinkler problems that go unnoticed. You will know that you have this problem when your sprinkler head is not rising, or the water does not flow consistently out of your sprinkler. To solve this concern, you’ll have to first determine which sprinkler head is affected. Once you discover the clogged sprinkler head, remove the dirt that’s clogging your sprinkler.  

Skipping Irrigation Zones

Skipping irrigation zones often occur when you have a pump-fed system. In this situation, suction leaks will develop with the lining part of your pump. If this happens, it will prevent the continuous flow of water from certain areas of your lawn.  

If you notice a patch on your lawn and it is undoubtedly getting bigger, adjacent to that problem is a faulty irrigation system. To address this concern, you’ll have to hire a lawn professional as DIY solutions will make things worse and cause damage to another part of your sprinkler or irrigation system.

Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is another major factor behind many lawn problems. Fixing it may be easy, but it requires basic knowledge to determine which part of your sprinkler system is causing the problem. Poor water pressure may be due to backend issues, broken pipes, faulty hardware, or blockage.  

Irrigation System Repair in West Palm Beach

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