Every time you switch on a sprinkler system that has been adequately designed and programmed, the appropriate amount of water will be dutifully delivered to your yard through your irrigation. But it does require maintenance from time to time, just like any other device in or around your house. Fortunately, most sprinkler system issues may be fixed or even prevented with sprinkler irrigation repair in West Palm Beach.  

Do you have a sprinkler system issue? Look at the most typical problems you'll encounter with your sprinkler system.  

sprinkler irrigation repair in west palm beach is essential for maintaining a beautiful lawn

Common Problems With Sprinkler Irrigation Systems    

When the System Is Turned On, No Water Comes Out

When a sprinkler system doesn't activate when it should, it may indicate one of the following issues:  

  • The plumbing leaks.  
  • The pipe leading to the head is clogged with debris from a damaged line.  
  • There are too many leaky sprinkler heads.  
  • Roots are encroaching on the sprinkler head's nozzle.  
  • Outside piping roots are forcing the pipe to collapse.  

A Leak Is Present

Your sprinkler system's leak affects more than just the sprinkler heads' ability to discharge water. Your yard can become wet in some places while remaining entirely dry in others, which defeats the purpose of having sprinklers in the first place. If the system wasn't correctly winterized before a very severe winter, damage from landscaping, a broken valve box, or any of these could result in leaks.  

Only One Sprinkler Head Is Functional

It's probably simply a broken sprinkler head and not an issue with the complete system if only one of your sprinkler heads isn't functioning correctly. Extreme weather, being run over by a lawnmower, or someone treading on them incorrectly can all harm sprinkler heads. A damaged sprinkler head may not spray at all, or it may wildly pour water.  

beautiful grass that can be watered due to sprinkler irrigation repair in west palm beach

Are You Looking for a Sprinkler Irrigation Repair in West Palm Beach?  

At O'Hara Sprinkler, our team can help you manage, repair, and maintain your sprinkler irrigation system. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

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