Watering lawns and gardens are made simple and efficient by in-ground sprinkler systems. You don't need to remember to water your plants using these systems. If you have a broken sprinkler valve in West Palm Beach, plenty of dedicated repair shops are available to help you fix your in-ground sprinkler systems.  

If you have more questions about in-ground sprinklers, here's a breakdown of an in-ground sprinkler system's parts and functions.  

broken sprinkler valve in west palm beach

In-Ground Lawn Sprinkler System  

Preventer of Backflow in Sprinkler Systems  

Before entering your home, water from your mainline is diverted to your sprinkler system. To prevent potentially polluted water from the sprinkler system from reentering your main water supply and contaminating your water, a backflow preventer is placed here. A shutoff valve is also included in the backflow preventer if you need to switch off your sprinkler system.  

Sprinkler System Controller  

Most sprinkler systems employ an automatic controller with a timer, while some use human controllers activated by pushing a button. The controller serves as the system's brain, instructing it on when, where, and how much water to release. Due to its delicate electronics, the controller is typically housed in a garage, shed, or other indoor space.  

Water Valves for Sprinkler Systems  

The main pipe typically breaks off in multiple directions after the backflow preventer. At the beginning of each junction, a valve is put in place to control whether water can flow into the pipes. Normally kept underground in a sprinkler valve box, the valves are situated outside the home's perimeter, though they can occasionally be found above ground.  

The controller connects to them and delivers electrical impulses to inform the valves when and how much to open. The controller sends a signal to the valves to close once more, stopping the flow of water when the timer on the controller indicates that the water should cease flowing. The controller controls each valve independently because each is attached to a different part of the yard.  

Sprinkler System Pipes  

Sprinkler system pipes are typically built of PVC and buried at a depth of around 12 inches, though some components of the system might use poly tubing instead. Sprinkler systems are separated into zones because various areas of the yard require different amounts of water depending on the kind of landscape, solar exposure, and elevation.  

broken sprinkler valve in west palm beach

Are You Looking for Someone Who Can Fix a Broken Sprinkler Valve in West Palm Beach?  

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