When your sprinklers are broken, excess water can seep into the spaces in the soil beneath your grass, leaving no room for the oxygen your plants require to survive. The roots will suffocate in the absence of oxygen, leaving you with a lawn with a relatively shallow root system. You'll have to repair the sprinkler valve in West Palm Beach to stop the water from ruining your lawn.  

Plants with shallow roots are more prone to stress, disease, and pest damage. If your grass is shallow-rooted, a small disease could become a large lawn disaster; therefore, you must be mindful of quantity when watering. If you want to know how to spot an over-watered lawn, here's how.  

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Over-watering Your Plants  

How to Spot Over-Watering  

Healthy grass should constantly sink its roots deeper into the ground seeking a source of water. Your lawn's root system will be shallow if you overwater it, making it fragile and unstable. There will be many more issues if the grass doesn't have to struggle for its water. Your lawn will be healthier and more robust the deeper the root system.  


Thatch is the term for a layer of shallow roots and partially degraded plant matter that forms a dense mat on the soil's surface. Since the roots are shallow, too much watering inhibits the thatch from organically decomposing. Thatch that is denser than 34 inches thick makes it difficult for oxygen to reach the grassroots and fosters the growth of insect and fungus pests.  


Watering the lawn too frequently keeps it damp and encourages the spread of fungi. You may be overwatering your lawn if you notice mushrooms growing there. Irregular dark patches on your lawn are likely caused by anthracnose, a fungus affecting moist grass, rather than a thirsty lawn.  

Weeds In regions too damp for good grass development, weeds like smooth crabgrass and yellow nutsedge flourish. Remove the weeds, then water less regularly to hydrate the soil 5-8 inches deep  

Pests and Insects  

Heavy thatch shields insects from insecticides on soggy grass, and they will attack your stressed-out lawn. They can leave bare areas as they eat the grass blades and cause your grass to die.  

Spongy Sensation or Standing Water

Walking on the ground should not feel spongy since there is possibly too much water. Because the grass is not absorbing all the water you are providing, standing water is another obvious visual indication.  

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Are You Looking to Repair a Sprinkler Valve in West Palm Beach?  

At O'Hara Sprinkler, our team can help you prevent over-watering your lawn by fixing your faulty sprinklers. Give us a call to learn more about our services!  

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