One of the prevalent reasons that individuals seek professional help with sprinkler repair is the a leak in the sprinkler valve. No matter how expensive your sprinklers are, there will always come a time when you will experience leak in the valves. Leaks may occur as a result of normal aging of the irrigation system, vandalism, weather damage, tree roots, damage from shovels or other sharp tools. Irrigation leaks from valves and pipes may be very obvious or large while some may not be noticeable. Smaller leaks may not show up immediately and will require some detective work.  This is where irrigation repair Jupiter experts come in.

Irrigation Repair Jupiter Experts

Why Do Sprinkler Valves Leak?

Rubber Diaphragm Seal Damaged

There are several reasons why sprinkler valves leak, some of which were stated earlier. However, the common reasons that you need to get irrigation repair Jupiter services are the break in the rubber diaphragm seal and low head drainage. Once the rubber parts situated near your valve box become old, worn out, and brittle, it will most probably lead to leakage.  

The water that flows will ooze freely through your sprinkler system when the debris is hindering the valve from closing or the diaphragm seal breaks. The flow signifies that the seeping of water all day will cause landscaping issues. In case you experience this, it’s very essential that you get in touch with an irrigation repair Jupiter professional as early as possible in order to minimize water damage. An aging or broken sprinkler valve diaphragm seal will lead to a lot of lawn and sprinkle issues in the future.

Low Head Drainage

Every item you purchase will experience wear and tear, even the sprinkler system you bought or about to buy. The sprinkler system is switched off as soon as there is an excess water or low head drainage that is still draining from your pipes. If you notice that the leak occurs directly after starting the sprinkler system and does not happen all the time, there is a great probability that this normal drainage is the reason for leakage.

Irrigation Repair Jupiter Experts

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