Are you looking for instructions on watering your lawn precisely, so it becomes the greenest and lushest one on your street? If you do, then you're in luck! We'll help you learn about caring for your lawn, including advice on irrigation repair in West Palm Beach, when to water your lawn, and how to water different kinds of grass.  

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How to Properly Water Your Lawn  

When to Water the Lawn  

It is recommended to water lawns once a week with about an inch of water. Set a timer and place a plastic container in your yard to see how long it takes for the water to get one inch. A half inch of water will typically take 30 minutes to obtain.    

The root zone, where grass needs water the most, receives the perfect balance of drainage and water retention from healthy soil. Poor soil with poor drainage will result in waterlogging, whereas soil devoid of organic matter will cause water to drain, leaving the land excessively dry.

What to Watch Out for When Watering Your Lawn

A shallow root system will arise from the daily watering of the grass. Furthermore, shallow root systems quickly dry out, weakening lawns. Deep, infrequent soaking allows grass roots to spread and grow powerful underground systems. Due to increased hardiness and disease resistance, lawns can withstand shifting weather conditions better.  

During the warm months, the typical grass needs to be watered three times, for around one inch of water per week. In cooler seasons, when there is less evaporation and a higher rainfall probability, lawns can be watered as little as once or twice per week to achieve the same result.  

How to Determine if Your Lawn Has Received Enough Water  

A screwdriver inserted into the grass can test whether your lawn needs to be watered. Your lawn receives enough water each week if it sinks 6 to 7 inches easily. If not, adjust your watering schedule.  

Always be prepared for shifting weather and know when to feed and fertilize your grass more. In the fall and spring, apply organic fertilizer and compost to lawns, and reduce watering when dry days shift into rainy ones. The most likely cause of mushrooms developing in your grass is overwatering.  

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Are You Looking for Irrigation Repair in West Palm Beach?  

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