Everyone who uses a sprinkler system knows that sprinkler heads are the workhorses of the system. It is also the most visible and prone sprinkler part to get damaged. Although replacing sprinkler heads are not a demanding task, it needs some expertise and digging. Getting services for sprinkler repair in Jupiter will help you save time.

However, there are some way you can help prevent your sprinkler from getting damaged. Below are the tips you need to bear in mind.


Protect your Sprinkler Heads

Invest in Swing Joints

Swing joints are additional sprinkler heads that allow you to move the entire apparatus in specific directions. One of the common reasons why homeowners contact sprinkler repair in Jupiter is that their sprinklers get damaged by a mower or vehicle. Swing joints will retract the pipe from below to avoid getting bumped by moving objects.

Install Sprinkler Head Donuts

Apart from swing joints, sprinkler head donuts are actually shaped like a donut and often placed over the sprinkler heads. These are sold in a variety of materials such as concrete, mulch, or recycled rubber. The primary purpose of sprinkler head donuts is to prevent a trimmer or mower from running over your sprinkler heads.

Word to the wise from an expert on sprinkler repair, sprinkler head donuts are an inexpensive version of swing joints but can fully protect your sprinkler heads without a question.

Automatic Drain Valves

Another useful add-on to your sprinkler system is the automatic drain valve. Unlike sprinkler head donuts and swing joints, automatic drain valves go below the sprinkler heads. It allows the water to drain back when your sprinkler system is not running.

Conversely, experts on sprinkler repair in Jupiter say that automatic drain valves are ideally added during the installation.

Quick and Efficient Sprinkler Repair in Jupiter

The most important tip to prevent sprinkler heads from getting damaged is to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. If you have trouble understanding the manual, contact the professionals!  Call O'Hara Sprinkler and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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