Do you know what the secret is to a beautiful and healthy-looking lawn? Hydration! If you don’t have the time to water your lawn because you’re too busy, you can always install a sprinkler irrigation system. If it isn’t working as it normally should, you should turn to the experts for sprinkler irrigation system repair in West Palm Beach.

A sprinkler irrigation system is a modern method of watering grass. Water falls to the ground like rainwater through a network of pipes. It is evenly distributed and spewed into the air via sprinklers. 

What are the Warning Signs of Sprinkler Irrigation Damage?

Abnormally High Water Bill

By now we’re sure you can see the pattern of your water bill. If, all of a sudden your water bill skyrockets, it’s highly likely that you have a problem with your sprinkler system.

This could indicate a leak. Check your next water bill and if it’s abnormally high, call the experts so they can decide if your system needs repairs or a complete replacement. 

Problematic Control Valves

Besides a leak, another potential sprinkler system problem is the control valves. If the control valves are broken, the water will not be evenly distributed. Control valves are features in your system that deliver sufficient amounts of water into different areas of your lawn.

You’ll know if your control valves are problematic if some areas of your lawn are brown and dry while other areas look overwatered. 

Do You Need Sprinkler Irrigation System Repair in West Palm Beach?

If you think your sprinkler system is broken, we’ll fix it for you. At O’Hara Sprinkler Repair, we’ve been providing honest and dependable sprinkler and irrigation system repairs to thousands of residents in West Palm Beach.

Our decades of experience in the business has enabled us to build a reputation in the industry. Call us today to book an appointment. 

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