Most sprinkler system has the life expectancy of 15 years to 20 years. When it comes to the parts of your sprinkler system, the head often lasts about 15 years, provided that you purchase quality heads. As for the nozzles, replacement is needed every two years, depending on the climate and water quality. Although there are life expectancies, you can still try to surpass these expectancies by doing everything you can to take care and maintain your sprinkler system. Getting sprinkler repair in West Palm Beach will also increase the life expectancy of your sprinklers and their components.


Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Sprinkler System

Reduce Irrigation Damage and Failures

Irrigation damage and failure may be due to a lot of factors such as inferior quality, vandalism, rodent activity, proximity to trees, previous sprinkler repair in West Palm Beach, and age of irrigation or landscape system. However, always remember that nothing affects the life expectancy of your irrigation system more than the quality of its components and proper installation.

Poor Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems

Choosing to install a sprinkler system in your lawn, especially when you have a considerable yard, is a smart and big decision. You must adopt the proper maintenance of your sprinkler system once you have purchased it. For instance, there are things you need to follow up to ensure that your sprinkle system is operating at its peak.

The first thing you need to do is to conduct a full check-up of the entire sprinkler system - best done during the Spring. Try to check whether there are broken pipes or heads, whether all parts are performing according to your adjustment, and whether all the pieces are functioning. It is also essential to check and guarantee that your sprinkler zones overlap.

During the mid-season maintenance, your irrigation system will need proper tuning to guarantee that it functions well. To do this, you will need sprinkler repair in West Palm Beach services. Your sprinkler repair experts will fix the damaged parts and unclog the rotors in case debris may be found.

Need a Sprinkler Repair in West Palm Beach?

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