Whether one sprinkler head is broken or you need a whole new system, O’Hara Sprinkler is here to help. We’ve been around since 1973, making sure that property owners have top-notch irrigation systems.

O’Hara Sprinkler Service Areas

O’Hara Sprinkler provides services to South Florida and all throughout the Treasure Coast. This encompasses the following areas:

We are fully licensed and insured. If you're wondering whether we provide service to your area, give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

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What We Do

O’Hara Sprinkler installs, repairs, and maintains both sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems. If you’re interested in never having to worry about your sprinklers again, we recommend asking about our Lucky Sprinkler™ Program.

If you’re looking for pest control, please visit O’Hara Pest Control.

If you’re interested in our landscaping services, please visit O’Hara Landscaping.

The O’Hara Sprinkler Advantage

O’Hara Sprinkler has been around for nearly 50 years, so we must be doing something right. We believe our success lies in our reputation for high quality. Each of our technicians goes through extensive training, and we offer same-day repairs.

We’re also proud of our six-month warranties, which come with all our products and services. These show how much we believe in the work that we do.

Why Choose a Local Sprinkler Company?

Most people automatically choose a local sprinkler company. After all, it’s much more convenient to call someone who’s nearby.

However, there are more benefits. The biggest one is simple: local companies are licensed and insured to provide services in your area. They also have a deep understanding of your area’s ecosystem.

One of the reasons we’re so confident in our services is because this company’s been in the family since 1973. We know everything there is to know about South Florida foliage!

Looking for Sprinkler and Irrigation Services in South Florida or the Treasure Coast?

O’Hara Sprinkler is happy to help. Whether you have additional questions or you want to have one of our technicians visit you, please reach out to us via our contact page.


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